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Margaret Krohn is Community Marketing Lead at Intrepid Studios.[1]

I am Margaret Krohn the new Community Marketing Lead for Intrepid Studios. I will be working on all of Intrepid Studios intellectual properties, leading our Community and Marketing teams.

Here's a little job description to help y'all understand a little bit of what I'll be working on: Developing and leading the community and marketing team's strategies in line with company objectives. Managing communications, PR, social media, events and content creation. Coordinating, planning and implementing marketing campaigns.There are certain to be more hats I will wear, but that should cover the gist of what I will be doing here at Intrepid Studios.

I come from a long background of gaming as I started as a little kid playing board games, growing into video games with the Atari, Nintendo, and Sega. From there, the love for games only continued to grow as technology continued to advance. I started playing DOS games, and as gaming graphics progressed, I delved into RPGs, FPSs, and RTSs, but my love has always been MMORPGs. In 1999, I fell in love with EverQuest, and now, I have played every major MMORPG that exists.

I also join the team with 13 years of professional work history in the game industry, from working in QA to Game Design for 6 years to Community Management and Video Production. I have an eye for detail and as anyone who knows me, I am very organized. I hope to bring my expertise to the table and help provide you all with a plethora of content.

Since Intrepid strives to be as transparent a company as possible, I will be taking you along my journey and be very open about what I am working. This first week for me will be:

  • Setting up Branding Guidelines for Intrepid Studios, Ashes of Creation and Apocalypse.
  • Organizing and cleaning up our social media channels and the types of content that will be delivered upon them.
    • This includes the following: Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Forums, Website
    • I am a huge believer that all information should funnel from the main website / forums out to social.
    • I believe that Reddit should be primarily run via the community, so I will be working with the moderators here to adjust things in regards to this.
    • Working with our producers to setup a content roadmap for the next six months in order to determine our schedule accordingly - Maybe you’ll get that Nodes 3 video =P. Then scheduling weekly/bi-weekly/monthly meetings (pending on current development phase) to update the calendar and keep us all on track.
  • Constructing playtest schedules and feedback loops in order to make sure that we are getting the most out of our tests and that feedback can be funneled to the developers in a manner that is helpful.
  • Working with our Marketing Team to ensure they are aware of our content schedule release, and the things we would like to address through these mediums.
  • Building our Community Team. Yes, I am not the only one who you’ll be seeing join the Intrepid Studios family.
    • Constructing Community Guidelines with the Community Team, volunteer moderators, and moderators (Don’t worry, they won’t be that harsh, but things do need to change, and you all know that. ;])
    • Organizing Community Team meetings, and collaborating with them in order to determine who will be working on specified content, and social channels.
    • Organizing volunteer moderator and moderators meetings, and cooperating with them in order for them to have the power to act upon the Community Guidelines.[2]

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