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Character stats and attributes.[1][2]


There are no specific barriers to alts.[6] Gear will be able to be transferred between characters.[7]

Character limits (slots)

There will be character limits during the Alpha and Beta testing phases. These are probably going to be more relaxed than for live launch.[8]

  • Allow testing of different builds as needed
  • Provide equipment needed to test various scenarios

Character page

A character web page (character sheet) will be available closer to live launch that shows the following:[9]

  • What a character looks like.[9]
  • םיגשיה and server firsts.[9]
  • Info on a player's class.[9]
  • Character's back story via journal entries (that are shared publicly by the player).[10][11]
  • Traits can be applied that describe a character's history.[11]

You will have a unique homepage for each character and that homepage will be able to be customized by the user to display unique information. It will have a small out-of-game RPG component where you can construct background and traits and stuff like that.[11]Steven Sharif

The character page will be accessible in game by opening a browser through the UI.[10]

That's part of the character sheet desire for us which hopefully will be accessible in game as well by opening a browser through our UI where you can get back history of a character that that character has input themselves into journal entries that they may choose to share with others... For role play perspective we want people to be in depth with their characters.[10]Steven Sharif

The player can manage what info is shown on the character page.[9]

Character appearance

Vaelune character appearance options.[12]

There is a great variation that's going to be available from a character standpoint when creating your character, especially around the face. Whether it be the shape of the jawline, the cheeks, the ears, the nose, the lips. You know we want to provide a lot of options and an agency to the player to customize their character appearance.[12]Steven Sharif

Vaelune beard appearance options.[13]

We want there to be a lot of room for people to manifest their own identity, to role play how they want to from an appearance standpoint. There's going to be parameters within which you will be able to customize a character. We want the culture and the identity of the races to exist in a range that makes them easily identifiable from other players and other cultures. So, because of that, we have to have a spectrum you can exist on. There will be a lot of hair variants you can do, body art tattoos that you can apply. You'll be able to play with the scales of the facial structure, the bones, the height, width, the body fat percentage. You'll be able to add body hair on different parts of the body. If you want to have hair on your feet, you can dial that up.[14]Steven Sharif

Character appearance can be customized in the character creator (CC)[15] and via in-game salons/barbershops.[16]

  • Character models are focused on realism.[17]
  • A player will see a generic character before customization.[18]
  • Player can adjust their character to be overweight, skinny, muscular.[19]
  • Character designs will have influences from a wide range of cultures, such as European, African and Asian.[20]
  • Lolis will not be in the game.[21]

Sliders will offer flexibility in customization.[22]

  • There will be limits to the amount of deformation possible for a character based on their race.[23]
    • Players are able to select different body types within these limits.[23]
  • Hair variants.[14]
    • Can add hair on different parts of the body.
  • Body art.[14]
  • Facial structure.[14]
    • Shape of the jawline, cheeks, ears, nose, lips.[12]
  • Bone structure.[14]
  • Height.[14]
    • You can't have a one inch tall character.[24]
  • Width.[14]
  • Body fat percentage.[14]

Adjustments will allow a character to appear more feminine or masculine.[25]

  • Brow height.[25]
  • Chin.[25]
  • Hair.[25]
  • Facial hair.[26]
    • Female Dwarven beards will not match that of the male. It will be more of a braided option that is not as voluminous.[14]
    • Facial hair is characteristic of the Dünir, not the Niküa.[14]
  • Body type.[25]
  • There will be "boobie sliders".[24]
    • These are relative to the character's race.
    • The scale is not going to be ridiculous.

Character appearance is able to be saved to hard disc.[27]

םיוותה רצוי

Alpha-1 launcher/character selection.[28]

The character creator (or character customization screen) allows players to define the look of their character in האירבה רפא.[30]

We're gonna have a wide array of character customization out of the box.[31]

If I had to give a comparison, I would use BDO as an example of what our Character Creation is going for.[32]

A character's voice may be able to be selected from preset options.[33]

There is a chance that the character creator may be released before Alpha-1.[34]

Early access

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse may include an early access character creator.[34][35][36]

As we develop our character creation screen we'll implement that into arena mode. So can create characters there, save those characters. When you make a character in Ashes you can port over that save.[36]Steven Sharif

I would like to have the option for players to go in spend time, create characters save that character and then have it available in their suite their character creation suite as an option to preload at launch that they can take that's those settings and launch the character. I would love for there to be community rewards and competitions for the best made characters that we could do like a monthly kind of thing around and/or additionally I'd like for there to be implementation of housing and a housing suite that you can save your furniture load out as well for building out the interior of housing. I don't know if we'll be able to get to that. It is a cherry on top of the icing. And we'll see how the schedule looks with that regard.[38]Steven Sharif

Character naming

Characters will have a first-name and an optional surname.[39]

  • There is a minimum length of three for a character name.[40]

Character names will appear on the character sheet and optionally on the character website page.[41]

  • In-game a character's name is displayed above their head. This can be the first or last name.[41]

Name reservation availability

Name reservations will begin during Alpha-1.[37]

Guild name

Name of Guild displayed next to character name.[42]


There are 16 gear slots in האירבה רפא:[43]


Gear sets

Alpha-1 Base leather armor set concept art.[44]

Gear sets (also known as tier sets) are a part of האירבה רפא.[45]

  • Players gain bonuses depending on the number of pieces of the set they have equipped.[45]
  • There are passive abilities that can be chosen to become more adept with certain set types.[45]
  • There may be set bonuses that members of certain communities will obtain based on gear set type.[45]
  • There are tiers of gear that players can access based on their level.[45]
  • There will be viable non-set builds.[46]
  • Certain set bonuses may trade off core gear stats.[46]
  • Racial appearance of gear sets is tied to the character model of that race.[47]

Best-in-slot items

Best in slot weapons and armor is based on a character's role and the type of monster they are facing.[48]

Gear appearance

Gear will have appearance slots (Transmutation/Transmog/cosmetic slots) that are used to copy the appearance of an item (in some cases).[49][45]

  • Cosmetic slots can be toggled on or off.[51]
    • This may happen automatically during battles to increase performance.[52]

I'm more of the mind that it wouldn't really serve a purpose to have bikini plate armor, just in like reality, if you're going to have armor, it should be protective. I think from a fashion statement is enjoyable for some people, but it's a kind of an immersive issue.[53]Steven Sharif

We're going for kind of a more realistic look; not necessarily realistic setting, but we want our characters to have weight and kind of feel like they're there.[53]Jeffrey Bard


Attachments are able to be unlocked as flair pieces to armor to create a customizable look.[61]

  • There will be hundreds of attachments available ranging from a small clasp to the front plate of a breast plate.[61]

Items on back and belt

Backpack sockets (slots).[62]

A big component of the MMORPG that - half of that you know acronym is RPG role-playing game. And in order to role-play you need to be able to represent kind of what your character is doing in that world and you know part of what animation is doing is creating these sockets on the let's say the belt or the back that you know can plug in certain types of props or items that are created by the character team, like Carson, you know might be a scroll tube, it might be a potion, it might be whatever: Those players will have the ability as we've discussed in the past will have the ability to select what they want to be represented in those sockets and then animation will make sure that jibe well in movement.[62]Steven Sharif

Pre-alpha Mage showing items worn on their belt.[63]

Items attached to a character's back or belt represent items they are in possession of. Players can set the appearance priority for the items they wish to show.[64][65][66] Only one item can show at a time, and that is determined by player choice.[67]

The idea is to kind of move away from the mundane kind of application of belts in previous MMOs where they don't really have a lot of character so to speak. But in reality you know as an adventurer you come with a lot of tools and things that you have to use out in the wild in order to achieve what you're trying to achieve. So we wanted to kind of represent that on your character and give you something that can actually be tangible for your character and see there. I think it adds a lot of character and flavor to your identity.[68]Steven Sharif

Back slots include.[67]

Belt (hip) slots include.[64][67]

There'll be a priority system behind that that'll determine... do I show the Bow if the Greatsword is unequipped or do I show the Polearm if the Greatsword is unequipped.[66]Jeffrey Bard


תומדקת occurs through a variety of pathways.[69]

Multiple playstyles should be relevant and viable. Additionally, you have a spread between casual players and hard-core players; and most of us exist somewhere on that spectrum. The progression path in a society or religion is more conducive to the time we have to play. Whereas, someone else may be playing several hours a day, and they have a better opportunity for the raid/level progression that might require some more dedication. So we want to have these different progression paths available to accommodate the different times in our lives that we have to play the game. And all of those types of progressions will make us relevant in some way shape or form to the general world.[72]Steven Sharif

Having the ability to gain power at a sacrifice... That's a way to kind of reach a horizontal type of progression. It may not be entirely, because there could potentially be a meta if balancing isn't done correctly; but the objective there is to make sure we have both vertical and horizontal progression in the game.[70]Steven Sharif

Character level

הקלח won't follow a traditional linear path, although classic mechanics for leveling exist.[73] Experience (XP) is gained through a variety of activities:[74]

The level cap at launch is expected to be around level 50.[75]

The developers anticipate max level should be attainable in approximately 45 days.[76]

End game

There is not going to be a typical end-game in האירבה רפא.[77]

Part of the whole experience with nodes is that there is no real end-game, in that the world is constantly shifting every day. Month one is going to be really different from month two; and that's for the level 50s and level 1s.[77]Jeffrey Bard

We want the game to be a living game, which means that all content should be relevant at all times. I’d say that we try to make as little distinction between the leveling up experience and the end game experience as possible. The whole journey is important to us, in order to maximize the fun people have during different stages of the game.[78]Sarah Flanagan

Class progression

As a player progresses with their primary archetype (primary class), they will have the opportunity to choose a secondary archetype to augment their primary skills with effects from their secondary archetype (secondary class).[79] The combination of primary and secondary archetypes is referred to as a Class.[80][81]

If a Fighter were to choose Mage as a secondary archetype, the fighter would become a Spellsword. This combination opens up augments that can be applied to skills in their primary skill tree. Fighters have a Rush skill that allows them to rush towards a target; and upon reaching the target, deal an amount damage with a chance to knock the target down. A Mage's escape augment could be applied to the rush skill, which would now teleport the player to the target; thus eliminating the charge time on the skill.[79]

Each skill in the primary tree will have several augment options from the secondary tree. This is an example of horizontal progression.[79]

  • Augments to primary skills will fundamentally change the way the ability works - adapting what the ability once did to incorporate the identity of the secondary archetype/class.[78]
  • A secondary class does not provide additional skills.[82]

Players receive skill points as they level. These can be used to level up skills within their skill tree.[83]

  • It will not be possible to max all skills in a skill tree.[83]

Artisan progression

Players must choose a path in the artisan skill tree for each character.[84] Within each of the three parent artisan paths (ףוסיא, דוביע and gnitfarC) there are different professions. A character may only ever master one of these paths.[85][86]

  • Players can dabble in all professions at a "beginners" level before they decide to master a particular pathway.[87]
  • Choosing a specific path in the skill tree allows the player an opportunity to specialize in a certain area. This encourages player inter-dependency, enhancing the artisan experience.[88]
  • It is possible to master every profession within a parent artisan path, but this will be a long and labor intensive feat, requiring many resources.[89]
    • A player may only master a profession if they have achieved the artisan path mastery.[90]
    • Based on testing, it may be decided to limit profession mastery certificates to a capped value.[90][91]
  • Masteries aren’t just about making an item. They grant many things, including titles, access to items, bargains, and quests. [92]
  • Choice of profession does not affect a player's stats.[93]
  • Characters within a single account (Alts) may have different professions.[85]

Players will have the opportunity to kind of dabble in all of the professions at a very beginners level and then you know that kind of gives them an understanding of what that profession feels like and then allows them to kind of pinpoint the direction that they want to go in to master particular professions.[87]Steven Sharif

When we reference not being masters of all that doesn't mean you're not a master within your own one of the three artisan types, which is you know crafter or gatherer, processor. You will be a master of one of those, you will not be master of the other two.[86]Steven Sharif

Religion progression

There are player progression paths within a religion.[94]

  • Players may follow only one religion at a time.[94]
  • Religions will have a ranking system.[95]
  • Changing religion will cause loss of progress in a player's previous religion.[94]

It depends on their dedication to the religion itself; their performance when it comes to certain religion's religious objectives; their contribution to the development of that religion within the world. There's a lot of different markers that we use at each stage to determine how they progress within the religion.[96]Steven Sharif

Naval progression

Mariner classes (also referred to as boatsmanship classes, boatsman skills or seamanship) contain different skill trees arranged in a similar manner to ןמוא ירועיש. As a player gains experience in these different skills they become more adept at using them.[97]

  • Gunnery
  • Piloting
  • Navigation
  • Boat repair
  • Ship components
  • Defensive skills
  • Utility based skills

You can spec into and kind of create your own class based on what things you're doing on the boat... It's gonna be very similar to in structure to like the artisanship trees, so you'll you'll have your mariner class: You'll have different trees in that class.[97]Jeffrey Bard

Guild progression

Guild progression occurs through participation in different systems.[98]

Passive skills and augments are unlocked by guild progression.[98][100]

  • Passive abilities increase certain stats relating to a guild member's ability to perform in combat or in other aspects of the guild, such as the economy.[98]
  • תא הריבג may apply at the upper tiers of guild progression.[98]
    • This applies to guilds that have opted for the non-expansive member route.[98]
    • It benefits guild members with a classification of officer or knight.[98]
  • Guild members do not need to be citizens of the same node in order to benefit from passive skills and augments.[101]

Guild size can be traded off for guild progression.[98][102]

  • The higher the guild's member cap, the fewer available skill options will be available to that guild.[103]
  • Guild alliances may be a key part in creating a larger "guild".[102]

As you're leveling up the guild and you're getting these points to either allocate towards expanding the guilds member count or allocate towards adding certain passive abilities that your guild members can gain by being guild members. You're also going to see as you're leveling up the guild through different type of quest-based, participation-based, node-based, organization-based systems and ways that those quests hook into the world. You're also going to see perhaps some augment abilities at the upper tiers of the guild levels become unlocked for certain members that have a classification of officer or knight, will have access to those different types of augment abilities that might get unlocked should you go down the non expansive member lane; and the idea there is to offer these benefits to smaller groups.[98]Steven Sharif

It's not always going to be combat. You could have an economic focus guild. You could have a trade oriented guild; and there's all sorts of things that you can kind of put together and kind of give your guild its own identity.[98]Jeffrey Bard

Social organization progression

A player progresses through a social organization by accomplishing tasks or quests.[104] There are hierarchical paths pertaining to specific questlines for the organization's thematic.[104]

- For example, a Thieves' guild may have objectives and quests toward securing a particular item to enable players to advance within the organization.[104]

Social organizations are going to have questlines that players participate in which some will include sabotage, espionage, intrigue... While it's not necessarily player versus player in the combat sense, it is player versus player in pitting communities in those organizations kind of against each other in a competitive atmosphere, where only some things can be accomplished by certain communities; and not everybody can succeed at a particular task. So, I think that that's a unique way to involve meaningful conflict that doesn't necessarily have to relate to PvP, because obviously we have a lot of PvP systems in the game and and there are many ways for players to participate in player versus player combat; but we also want to make sure that from a progression standpoint, from a system standpoint there are going to be abilities of individuals to follow these questlines, these tasks that will pit organizations against each other, specifically from an organizational standpoint.[105]Steven Sharif

You're gonna see arguments being used a lot throughout a lot of our systems. When we're talking about the guild system, when we're talking about social organizations, when we're talking about religions. A lot of those things are going to affect how and what you have available to augment your skills with.[106]Jeffrey Bard


There are no specific barriers to alts.[6] Gear will be able to be transferred between characters.[7]

Character limits

There will be character limits during the Alpha and Beta testing phases. These are probably going to be more relaxed than for live launch.[8]

  • Allow testing of different builds as needed
  • Provide equipment needed to test various scenarios

Character rewards

Characters will receive rewards on their in-game birthday.[107]

  • Daily rewards are not currently on the roadmap.

Daily login rewards or something we really have to think about in terms of what we want to offer... We want the game itself to offer enough reward to log in daily rather than trying to make it an explicit like gamified reward.[107]Jeffrey Bard


םיגשיה will be across multiple servers, not just for guilds or groups.[108]

It kind of redefines what the players will experience in an MMORPG to come into a wilderness that is devoid of really any structure outside of what the community creates themselves; and then what can be created can be changed, if they want to experience a storyline that's been seen on another server, but you know you're fighting a dragon because you're near a mountain and the other server's fighting a Kraken because they're near the coast and you want to fight that Kraken because of its drop table. If you want to meta it or because you just want that under your belt: to be the server first to take out that Kraken and you have yet to develop the node there, you know it's incumbent upon you to manifest that in the game.[110]Steven Sharif

There will be a mix of character-based and account-based achievements.[111]

Trophy park

Trophy park is an area within Town, City or Metropolis nodes that has available spots for trophies. These trophies show the character names of players who are the first to complete world bosses and dungeon bosses that were spawned as the result of the development of that particular node.[112]

  • Server announcements and achievements are designed to encourage groups to experience new content.[112]


האירבה רפא gathers tracking data to facilitate achievements, titles and other accolades on a server.[113]

Visibility of those types of things on the server help to promote a competitive atmosphere. If there is an attainable impression that you can work towards, so that others know your success, you have more drive to succeed.[113]Steven Sharif

Mobile/web application

A mobile application and web interface allows players who are not logged into the game to have authority over certain services and mechanics.[114][115] Some functionality may come post-launch.[116]

Some of it may come post-launch... but we do want people to interact with the game on their phones when they're away from the computer; and we're going to do as much as we can to make that cool.[116]Jeffrey Bard


םיתמצ advance to the first stage quickly. This enables NPC services such as vending or banking items.[120]

Player to player trading

There will be player to player trading in האירבה רפא.[124][125]

Q: Will Ashes of Creation have player-to-player trading? Will there be anything stopping me from gifting a friend that's fresh to the game a bunch of in-game money to help them get on their feet quickly?
A: There won't be anything to stop you from doing that.[124]Steven Sharif

Account management

The account management page is used to assign or reassign crowdfunding items to specific characters:[126]


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