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(הופנה מהדף Account)
קפיצה לניווט קפיצה לחיפוש

Players are permitted to own multiple accounts, but are subject to rules relating to multi-boxing.[1]

Account management

Ashes of Creation web site design preview (WIP).[2]

קוסמטיקה can be reassigned to other characters (alts) within an account but can only be active on one character at a time.[3][4][5]

  • There will likely be a cooldown for reassigning cosmetics between characters.[3]

Account transfers

Intrepid Studios plan to announce the migration steps for moving a My.games account to Intrepid Studios. All purchases and achievements will be preserved.[7]


Character slots

There will be character limits during the Alpha and Beta testing phases. These are probably going to be more relaxed than for live launch.[8]

  • Allow testing of different builds as needed.[8]
  • Provide equipment needed to test various scenarios.[8]

There will be a "comfortable" number of character slots on launch.[9]

Name reservation

Name reservations were rewards for backing at the Pioneer level and higher and are currently available through the Voyager plus pre-order pack and Adventurer pre-order pack.[10][11][12]

  • Accounts will have name reservation tokens, that entitle its holder to reserve a name on a specific server when the reservation time comes.[13]


The current policy on multi-boxing (multi client) is that players are allowed to own multiple accounts, but may not launch multiple game clients from the same computer. Players may not use any software to automate character actions or mimic keystrokes.[1][14]

  • This was previously stated to be: If a user has a legitimate account and is not botting or using complex scripting then multi-boxing will be permitted.[15][16][17][18]

Multiple accounts and multi-boxing, that's a little bit difficult for me because it could be conceived as pay-to-win, because you can progress on a second character and you can then gift that progression to your primary character. In that scenario yes I can see the argument. However if the character progresses with the same amount of effort and time needed by the person who's playing and they maintain that progression on that character, then I don't consider it pay-to-win. I consider it a second account. So initially what I'm going to say is having multi-boxing capability will be allowed within Ashes of Creation. There are a few safety nets that I put in place that kind of restrict the ability for abuses that we've seen in other games.[17]Steven Sharif


All cosmetic store items will be non-tradeable.[19]

Crowdfunding mounts

קיקסטארטר/מימון המונים בקיץ mount rewards are obtained and utilized by applicable backers in the following way:[5]

  1. Basic mounts are obtained through an early quest that is available to all players in starting areas.
  2. Players assign cosmetic skins to a character on their account from the account management page.
  3. The skin can then be applied to change the appearance of the mount that was earned in game.
    • This does not remove the skin itself. It can be applied again to any other applicable mount in the future.
    • Players may remove the skin from a character and assign it to another character on their account.
    • Skins can only ever be active on one character and one mount.

The Dawnbreaker mount skin is used in a similar fashion as described, but is only applicable to a certain class of mounts. Aquatic mount skins, like the Tidesnapper, are also used in a similar fashion, but are only applicable to the aquatic class of mounts.[5]

כבילה של ציוד

יתכן שתהיה כבילה של ציוד (BoE או BoP) אבל זה יהיה מקרה חריג ולא הכלל, מכיוון שזה מנוגד ליעדים של הכלכלה.[21]

הרבה ממה שחווינו במשחקים שבדרך כלל מגיעים לפנינו זה שהרבה דברים כבולים למשתמש והם כבולים לשחקן שלך... אצלנו במקום זאת, מעט מאוד יהיה כבול למשתמש. מעט מאוד מאוד. הרוב המכריע של הציוד- כן אתם תקבלו ציוד ממשימות כתגמול - אך לא נניח סט אחד שנמצא במבוך אחד ואתם חייבים לעשות את המבוך שוב ושוב. במקום זאת אנו רוצים להדגיש ממש את ההסתמכות על הכלכלה ועל בעלי המלאכה והלקטים והמעבדים כדי שיהוו את רוב מערכת הציוד במשחק, בשילוב עם פשיטות על בוסים עולמיים, ובוסים של מבוכים; לא קו משימה שחוזר על עצמו במבוך בודד.[23]Steven Sharif

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